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by George & Merrijo Wheaton

childrens book, children's books
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About The Bug's Journey

Boswell the Bug has heard about something she does not possess but really wants--happiness. Courageously leaving her home on her journey in search of happiness, Boswell travels through varied new and exciting places and experiences. As we journey with Boswell, we travel through the nuances and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Rising over the mountains in a hot air balloon, bumping along desert trails in a pink jeep, and resting under a palo verde tree, we finally discover where happiness truly resides. A children's book featuring a story for all ages.

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The Wheatons have created an engaging story with a truly happy ending worth all of the effort that its insect heroine puts into her quest. The book's central theme of happiness provides yet another focus for a teachable moment, allowing readers of any age to examine for themselves what makes them happy and how that happiness feels within them.

U.S.. Review of Books

This book has a delightful and delicious pallet of colorful images. It is creative, and for small children, it uses a rhyming poetic delivery, patterning, and repetition for language building and listening skills. 

Marria, Educator

The artwork of this book is excellent. Done in pen and ink, as well as cut-out paper, this mixed media is clever and colorful, bringing detailed landscapes to the reader’s eye. This unique art style is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the computer-generated art so often presented in children’s books.

Bruce Anderson

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